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Peace and love, bacon and eggs, our pockets and your get the picture. Good things come in pairs, so if you bring the Q’s, we’ll bring the A’s! Frequently! Here you’ll find some frequently asked questions.


A “stick-on pocket,” you say?

Yup, you read that right, definitely not a pocket on a stick (but, hey, we won’t judge). Plain shirts, fun shirts, boring pants, party pants, backpacks, six-packs, you name it, you PØK-IT. Our pockets are the ultimate adhesive accessory, popping with style on the front, lined with a durable, permanent and umm…scientifically tested adhesive on the back. These bad boys are guaranteed to add more than just a pocket-sized dose of personality to almost any surface of your choosing. Just strip the plastic off the adhesive, position it, press it et VOILÀ, pocket. Trust us, it’s science!


Ugh, but do I have to iron them on?

That’s crazy talk! Who do you think we are, your mother? We feel you, life’s complicated enough as it is, and ironing’s already sort of a chore, so we made these babies quick and easy to use. This way you’ll have more time to do more of the things you’d rather be doing…so basically anything else, probably.


Alright, so how do I wash ‘em?

Aw, look at you, taking such good care of that pocket that’s now so close to your heart (ha! Get it?). We’re touched, but worry not! PØK-IT pockets are 100% machine wash and dry. If you want to be super-extra safe, though, you could always wash your shirt inside out for ultimate protection and maybe set the temperature on both the water and the drier on your machine to medium.


Let’s say the pocket falls off, what then?

Okay, suppose that by some wildly imaginary, highly hypothetical freak accident, the pocket you’ve become so attached to (will the puns never cease?), just happens to fall off. Lucky for you, it just so happens our pocket insurance covers acts of nature as well! So in the event that this occurs, just let us know and we’ll send a new one your way. If it only partially detaches but you feel like being a little proactive and would rather not wait for PØK-IT to come to your rescue, there is an alternative: you can use heat from a blow-dryer or somesuch to soften up the adhesive, apply pressure once again and BOOM Bob’s your uncle.


WOW! These pockets are insane! I want to stick ‘em on EVERYTHING! Can I? Can I?

ABSO-FRIGGIN’-LUTELY. Go nuts. Spread the passion for pockets across the land, to the four corners of the Earth! Slap ‘em on your shirts, pants, utility belt, walls, little brother, family dog, seriously, the world needs more pockets. Just stay out of trouble, don’t vandalize, and make sure you get consent before you upgrade that oh-so-fortunate surface with one of these beauties (because both people and animals have rights, you know).


I’ve got a zoo of shirts just begging for a pocket, any recommendations?

Just one, get those creative juices flowing and let your imagination run wild. Polos, tees, tanks, dress shirts, casual shirts, the list goes on! When it comes to adhesion, cottons and polyblends are the most PØK-IT friendly, but hey, don’t fret if you’re still unsure, we also offer our own selection of PØK-IT shirts!


I dig your Instagram and it’d be pretty cool if I was featured, what can I do?

Ah! You flatter us, truly, the honor is ours! Just rock a PØK-IT, do your thing and we’ll see about getting you on there stat, scout’s honor. Oh, so long as you don’t forget to tag us, of course!


I’ve got mad artistic skills and would love a custom pocket, where do I place my order?

Alrighty, Michelangelo, let’s see what you got. In the spirit of self-expression, we’ve added the “Give Us a Shout!” page to our site where you can not only communicate directly with us, but also place your custom orders and let your freak flag fly. These works of art make for great gifts, or even sleek promotional material for events ranging anywhere from music fests to corporate retreats! There’s a 50 pocket minimum per order, and the process should only take about 1 week, so go ahead, get on it!