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Values – What we stand for.

We’re all about sticking together and sticking out for each other. We’re over that
whole “sticking it to the man,” negativity. Camaraderie, nay, family is all the
empowerment we need to keep us going (well, that and “sticky” puns, apparently).

“We believe in the power of uniqueness. We find beauty in being different, standing out and paving your own roads.

Through our products we give you, our customer, a unique opportunity to express yourself and customize your life. Whether you apply our products to your shirt, hat, pants, sweater, backpack or anywhere else, we give you the chance to create a unique product, tailored by you, for you.

To those who don’t look to fit in, we salute you.”

PØK-IT burst into the scene as an innovative marketing company that puts the increasingly popular “people-based marketing” to effective use. We fuse talent that stretches across several generations and disciplines, under one banner, a single purpose: to provide the market with tools for unique self-expression that create stories and forge human relationships. We bring cities, countries and cultures together by sharing in our expression of creativity and differentiation. We know it’s the little details that are worth plenty and say even more. And of course, all we do is in search of happiness through simplicity.

PØK-IT is everything that conveys originality and in-the-moment emotions. We’ll start off with our line of adhesive pockets, but from there we’ll take over the world with our products and services that provoke reactions of self-expression from the sender while evoking emotional engagement from the receiver. If something displays self-assurance through self-expression, if it’s irreverently playful, if it’s imaginative and creative, then it fits right inside PØK-IT.