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The Lumberjack

We know you‰۪re rugged, you think after-shave‰۪s for wusses, and heck, maybe you swing around an axe or two, so we‰۪ve made you THIS. That‰۪s right, this PÌ÷K-IT speaks to the testosterone in you and, whether you‰۪re a man or woman, trust me‰Û_one minute of wearing this and you‰۪ll be seeing plaid and lumber in need of jacking wherever you turn.

Our pockets are the ultimate adhesive accessory, popping with style on the front, lined with a durable permanent or temporary and umm, scientifically tested adhesive on the back. Just strip the plastic off the adhesive, position it, press it et VOIL?A, Pok-it!. Trust us, it's science!

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