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*Ahem* We would like to propose a toast to this pocket, for not only providing all who wear it with a generous amount of swagger but also for reminding us that we don‰۪t need to wait for Christmas, New Year‰۪s or even our birthdays to celebrate. The truth is that a moment is special because we choose to see it as such. So raise your glass to putting the ‰ÛÏextra‰۝ in ‰ÛÏextraordinary,‰۝ to abolishing the very concept of mundanity, and finally, to deciding to make a moment rather than waiting for it to become so on its own.


Our pockets are the ultimate adhesive accessory, popping with style on the front, lined with a durable permanent or temporary and umm, scientifically tested adhesive on the back. Just strip the plastic off the adhesive, position it, press it et VOILA, Pok-it!. Trust us, it's science!

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