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Jingle Bells

Okay, we‰۪re all thinking the same thing so let‰۪s just come right out and say it‰Û_this PÌ÷K-IT is the absolute perfect stand-in for an actual sprig of mistle toe. We recommend you stick it somewhere that the guy or girl you‰۪ve been waiting to kiss all year is sure to pass to achieve optimum results. Make sure you wait until it‰۪s Christmas, though, otherwise‰Û_the restraining order is on you!

Our pockets are the ultimate adhesive accessory, popping with style on the front, lined with a durable permanent or temporary and umm, scientifically tested adhesive on the back. These bad boys are guaranteed to add more than just a pocket-sized dose of personality to almost any surface of your choosing. Just strip the plastic off the adhesive, position it, press it et VOIL?A, Pok-it!. Trust us, it's science!


Category: 68, Allyear, Blue, Christmas/Modern, Kids, Pattern, Poliester, Red

Type: PocketKids